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22:38 12 May 2022
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The most expensive vacations in history ahead of us

The most expensive vacations in history ahead of us
Source: Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

According to Paweł Majtkowski, an analyst at eToro markets in Poland, the upcoming vacations will be the most expensive in history for most traveling Poles. This applies both to those who will go on holiday abroad and those resting in Poland.

Tourists are hit by the weak zloty and global inflation. Even staying at home does not guarantee an escape from the high prices, because Poland is one of the countries with the strongest price increases.

"The first element that affects this year's holiday season is the weak zloty. Prices of foreign vacations for Poles are closely related to the exchange rate of the zloty against foreign currencies. The weaker the zloty, the more expensive foreign trips become. The vast majority of trips from Poland are to countries where the euro is in force or is used as a settlement currency in the tourist industry. Currently we pay PLN 4.67 for 1 euro, which means that for a holiday worth €1,000 we will pay PLN 4,670. A year ago and two years ago it would have been PLN 4,560, but back then travel options were significantly limited. In 2019, the last year before the pandemic, it would cost us PLN 4,300," Paweł Majtkowski stated.

The second element influencing the cost of our growing vacations is the rising prices of products and services. These prices are rising both in Poland and abroad. So no matter where we want to go on vacation we will pay more.


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