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22:16 11 August 2020
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Three quarters of this year's graduates passed their school-leaving exams

Three quarters of this year's graduates passed their school-leaving exams
Source: Pxfuel

Merely 74 percent of this year's graduates of secondary schools passed the school-leaving exams. The graduates who failed one subject (17.2 percent) are entitled to a correction in September.

In order to pass the school-leaving exams, you must obtain at least 30 percent of points possible to earn of compulsory subjects. There is no score threshold for optional courses.

This year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the exams were held not in May, as in previous years, but in June. The main session was held on June 8-29. High school graduates who were unable to take the exam in June due to health or random reasons, could do so in the additional period on July 8-17.

Exams, both in the main and additional sessions, were held in the sanitary regime, in accordance with the guidelines of the Central Examination Commission, the Ministry of National Education and the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

The Minister of National Education, Dariusz Piontkowski pointed out that the exams were carried out because the educational and scientific community clearly indicated that it is worth conducting external exams, that they give the opportunity to obtain comparable results, achievements, and students' knowledge and skills, and this facilitates enrollment for studies.

Approx. 260,000 people joined the main session in June.


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