22:35 9 May 2022
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UKrainians expatriates to affect the Polish economy

UKrainians expatriates to affect the Polish economy
Source: eNewsroom

Emigration from Ukraine is not a typical economic emigration, mostly women and children come to us. On the other hand, some men left to fight for their country. Everything, therefore, depends on the further development of the situation. Only after some time can we begin to think about how this will affect the Polish labor market. The end of the war will certainly be an opportunity for Ukraine for economic development and reforms, and for Poland it will create the possibility of new options for cooperation. Therefore, we should not be afraid of demographic changes in Poland – because they can be an opportunity for the economy and for the future of our country.

“Although over 2 million refugees have crossed the Polish border, some of them have gone further to the West. It is also worth remembering that President Biden promised Ukrainians 100,000 visas to the US. However, even if the permanent emigration from Ukraine in Poland increases, it will obviously be beneficial for the economy,” Professor Witold Orlowski, economist, Rector of the VISTULA Academy of Finance and Business, said.

“We are a country that has very low unemployment and for demographic reasons has a problem with lack of hands to work. Therefore, demographic changes and an increase in people seeking employment will be beneficial for the labor market. There are no threats in relation to the level of salaries, which have been growing intensively for a long time and are likely to become higher. Therefore, it is worth supporting the employment of refugees from Ukraine and creating a friendly adaptation environment for migrants," encourages Orłowski.


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