17:20 22 June 2022
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Warsaw University chosen as the best Polish university

Warsaw University chosen as the best Polish university
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The University of Warsaw took first place in the XXIII Perspektywy 2022 Ranking of Higher Education Institutions, followed by the Jagiellonian University in second place and the Warsaw University of Technology in third place. Among the non-public universities won Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw.

The Perspektywy Educational Foundation prepared the list published on Wednesday under the supervision of the Chapter headed by Professor Michał Kleiber.

"The most important recipients of our ranking are, of course, high school graduates. It is not by chance that we announce it two weeks before the distribution of matriculation certificates: we want to make it easier for young people to choose their direction of study and university. But the Perspektywy Ranking of Higher Education Institutions is also a kind of photograph of Polish universities, taken from an angle that is not accidental. Photography helps us determine where we are, what we should improve, and what to pay special attention to in the coming years," Waldemar Siwiński, a founder of the Perspektywy Foundation, and creator of the Polish educational rankings, said.

Complete ranking results can be found at

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