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23:55 17 February 2021
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Anxiety index in Poland drops by 34 pp from November 2020

Anxiety index in Poland drops by 34 pp from November 2020
Source: Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Poles' concerns about the pandemic have been regularly diminishing over the past three months; Currently, the anxiety index of Deloitte is 0, the same as in France, according to the Global State of the Consumer Tracker study.

Since November, when Deloitte's anxiety index was at 34 percent, it fell by 34 percentage points and is now zero. Within a month, however, the net difference between those who agreed with the sentence "I'm more concerned than a week ago" and those who denied it decreased by another 2 percentage points, it was reported.

"Together with France, where the anxiety index was also 0 percent, we are exactly in the middle of the scale. Among the European countries, we are behind Germany, where the level of anxiety has consistently been the lowest in the world at minus 32% since the beginning of the survey. The Netherlands is second behind Germany, though it is much separated from our western neighbors, because the anxiety index is much higher there, amounting to minus 18 percent,” Michał Tokarski, partner, leader of the consumer goods sector in Poland by Deloitte, said.

The anxiety index increased in India by 3 percentage points - the level of concern about the pandemic is the highest globally (31 percent) there. In Europe, the anxiety index is the highest in the UK, currently at 6 percent, though it has dropped from 10 percent in the month. The level of anxiety increased the most in the United States during the month (by 12 percentage points) and in Spain (by 8 percentage points). There is a noticeable decrease in anxiety in Ireland (by 8 percentage points. The country's anxiety index is now 4 percent.


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