20:05 10 July 2019
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BIK: nearly 4 million money extortion warnings issued

BIK: nearly 4 million money extortion warnings issued
source: Pxhere

Nearly 4 million warnings about the extortion of money with the use of stolen data have been sent to the owners of the BIK Alerts tool to date. BIK alerts are sent in the form of a text message or an email. Banks include this tool in their offers, thus providing customers with real-time access to information warning about potential frauds. The Credit Information Bureau (BIK) sends alerts when a client’s data are verified during the processing of a loan application.

According to an analysis conducted by BIK last year, there may been as many as 67,000 successful extortion attempts in 2018. BIK reminds that banking fraud-related losses of the financial sector amount to between PLN 500 million and PLN 600 million annually.


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