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20:01 20 July 2020
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Central Europe to become digital cloud leader?

Central Europe to become digital cloud leader?
Source: press release

“The future of technology is a cloud” – such words are slowly starting to sound like a truism to anyone interested in digitization. Globally, expenses on this technology are growing at a rate of over a dozen percent annually and in many cases cloud solutions have dominated the IT budgets of companies.

The revolution, however, is not so intense everywhere, which is particularly visible in Europe. According to Eurostat data, in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark or Sweden, more than half of the companies used the cloud in their operations and in the whole of Europe, on average every fourth. Unfortunately, Poland looks much worse in this ranking, ranking only ahead of Romania and Bulgaria with a result of 11 percent.

Aruba Cloud decided to research three Central European markets: Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, and ask local companies about their experience, hopes and concerns related to the cloud. They focused on medium and large enterprises to better understand the trends in mature organizations.


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