16:00 6 April 2020
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Charity launches free taxi for cancer patients

The Alivia Foundation, with the support of two pharmaceutical companies, has started a free taxi ride service for people suffering from cancer. These are patients with reduced immunity who should not use public transport.

As highlighted in the announcement made on April 6 by the Alivia Foundation, during an epidemic, cancer patients are doubly afraid of their lives and health. They have reduced immunity, especially during immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and are extremely vulnerable to viral diseases. During an epidemic, hygiene standards and avoiding contact with the outside world are key: patients should not, among others use public transport. However, for many of them, this is the only way to get to research or treatment.

Thanks to the support of the pharmaceutical companies Bristol Myers Squibb and Janssen-Cilag Polska and the funds gathered through the Facebook collection, the Alivia Foundation as part of a social campaign has launched free and safe transport – ONKOTAXI – to and from oncological centers throughout Poland.

Everyone with a malignant tumor can request transport to and from the treatment center, hospital or clinic. Just complete and send the form available on or call +48 22 100 51 60. The Foundation will review each application. Then the patient will receive a unique code, which should be provided when ordering a taxi. Thanks to this the cost of the journey will be paid by the foundation. Under the program, cancer patients will also have the option of ordering the transport of drugs from the pharmacy.

Each taxi, as part of the ONKOTAXI campaign, has partitions separating the driver from the passengers, disinfectant and disinfected door handles, and the drivers are trained in hygiene.


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