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21:13 1 June 2020
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Coronavirus pandemic with big impact on entertainment industry: expert

Coronavirus pandemic with big impact on entertainment industry: expert
Małgorzata Leitner, source: Newseria

“The impact of COVID-19 and its fear affects both local and global interests in the entertainment industry. Concerts, events, fashion shows and presentations were canceled in Warsaw, thus depriving most artists of the opportunity to earn a living. Canceled flights, postponed photo sessions have put into question the sense of further investment in the modeling sector,” Małgorzata Leitner, founder and owner of the Avant Management agency and the Avant School, said in an interview for 

In her opinion, the coronavirus pandemic, isolation and tightening have already made major changes in the fashion industry. It is difficult to plan anything because you do not know what the future will bring. Foreign cooperation is particularly uncertain.

“Two leading model agencies in Poland have closed. International fashion has been frozen day by day with the closing of state borders. Only online booking services for online influencer artists work. Contractors are more likely to decide on short-term rather than long-term activities, they choose safe television and convenient internet, shifting budgets to these sectors. Actions are taken locally instead of globally,” Małgorzata Leitner emphasized..

According to the owner of the Avant Management agency, even when the restrictions are completely lifted and everything returns to normal, cooperation with foreign stars will be very limited.

She pointed out, however, that even at this difficult time her agency works continuously. And all thanks to the right decisions made in 2016.

“To completely free ourselves from foreign fashion markets, we have entered full steam in new business influencer campaigns and television program production. Thanks to such diversification, today we remain calm and fluid during the crisis, and most importantly - we can offer our artists a stream of orders,” Małgorzata Leitner said.


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