19:02 22 March 2020
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Coronavirus to deepen economic slowdown in labor market

Coronavirus to deepen economic slowdown in labor market
Source: LeasingTeam

According to Katarzyna Dąderewicz, regional director at the LeasingTeam employment agency, the fastest consequence of the economic slowdown for the labor market is the reduction of the number of full-time jobs, which could already be seen last year.

According to GUS data, at the end of the third quarter of 2019, the number of vacancies in entities of the national economy or their local units employing at least 1 person was 148,600 and was lower than at the end of the second quarter of 2019 by 3,200, i.e. by 2.1 percent. In turn, compared to the end of the third quarter of 2018, the number of vacancies was lower by 8,500, i.e. by 5.4 percent.

“Although the number of full-time jobs is decreasing, it is important to remember that labor demand is not increasing at the same time. The professional activity of Polish society is low. There is even talk of professional inactivity. This applies in particular to women, but also to young people. According to Eurostat data, about 17 percent of Polish citizens aged 20-34 in 2018 neither formally had a job nor studied. This is one of the highest rates in the European Union. The percentage of young men who do not study or work was 9.6 percent compared to 23.5 percent of young women,” Katarzyna Dąderewicz stressed.

She added that the coronavirus pandemic has a strong impact on the global economy, which can also be seen in the labor market.

“Production companies are starting to run out of components. Companies in every single branch suspend recruitment processes, both mass and individual,” Dąderewicz said.

Paradoxically, some companies have a high demand for employees (eg grocery stores) caused by an increase in demand for their services. Still, at present, many enterprises in Poland are based on foreign employees (mainly from Ukraine). In the context of closed borders, such a business model may prove to be a huge threat to companiesHowever, there are solutions on the market, such as temporary work or employee outsourcing, which effectively mitigate risks, while providing access to the required number of employees. In the face of the current situation on the labor market, these solutions are also gaining in importance.


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