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23:17 19 November 2020
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Disciplinary Chamber of Supreme Court removes Igor Tuleya's immunity

Disciplinary Chamber of Supreme Court removes Igor Tuleya's immunity
Igor Tuleya, source: Wikimedia Commons

Subdued to ruling conservative United Right, the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, after many hours of hearing, decided to lift the immunity of Judge Igor Tuleya. This was demanded by the prosecutor's office, which now intends to bring him up on criminal charges. It was also decided to suspend the judge's right to adjudicate and to reduce his remuneration by a quarter. In view of the decision of the Disciplinary Chamber, the prosecutor's office is now to charge Tula with allegations of abuse of power and unlawful disclosure of information from the proceedings. The case concerns the session of the Sejm in the Column Hall in December 2016.

Jacek Dubois, one of the judge's lawyers, said that it was "one of the saddest days in his professional career".

“The accusation boils down to the fact that the judge exercised his judicial discretion and decided to show the public the backstage of the prosecutor's work, which did not seek to find the material truth. The prosecutor's office is starting to implement the Turkish model, where judges, instead of adjudicating, have to decide on prison sentences. An attorney is helpless when a judge is tried for freedom of judgment,” the attorney emphasized.

“The goal of intimidating other judges was accomplished. An independent judge, in accordance with the law, and in accordance with his conscience, will be punished. Judges who will predict and follow the will of the authorities will be promoted,” he continued.

The day before the meeting, Judge Igor Tuleya announced that he would not recognize the decision of the Disciplinary Chamber, no matter what it might be. 

“No political court can take me away from the ruling. I am a European judge, I will not recognize the ruling of the Disciplinary Chamber and no matter what happens, I will continue to adjudicate. European law must not give way to lawlessness,"  Tuleya said.


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