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11:31 11 May 2024
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Donald Tusk Announces Changes in Government

Donald Tusk Announces Changes in Government
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Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the names of the new ministers. Tomasz Siemoniak will become the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration while also remaining the coordinator of special services. Jakub Jaworowski will serve as the Minister of State Assets. Meanwhile, Hanna Wróblewski will become the head of the Ministry of Culture, and Krzysztof Paszyk will lead the Ministry of Development and Technology.

On Friday, the Prime Minister also accepted the resignations of four ministers: the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Marcin Kierwiński, the Minister of State Assets, Borys Budka, the Minister of Culture, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, and the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology, Krzysztof Hetman.

"The individuals bidding farewell to their ministerial roles today have accomplished the tasks we set out, and I expected effective, sometimes tough, action from these ministers. These first months, and you will probably understand me when I use this metaphor, were months of breaking down walls," argued the Prime Minister.

The media had been reporting on the planned government reshuffle for several months.

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