22:38 9 January 2020
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Each Pole produces 8.76 tonnes of CO2 per year

Each Pole produces 8.76 tonnes of CO2 per year
source: Needpix

According to information available in the European EDGAR database (Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research), the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere during the year per one Polish citizen is 8.76 metric tonnes. This means that every day one Pole contributes to the emission of 24 kg CO2 on average to the Earth's atmosphere.

In turn, during the week one Polish citizen is responsible for the emission of 168 kg of CO2 - this is a similar value of gas emissions for the average citizen of Ethiopia (160 kg), Eritrea (170 kg), Madagascar (170 kg) or Burkina Faso (190 kg) throughout the year. Just the daily production of an average Polish citizen is similar to the annual CO2 emissions per inhabitant of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi (30 kg per year).
It is worth noting, however, that among all countries for which the EC collected data on the volume of CO2 emissions per capita, Poland ranks 39th and is behind such countries as Finland (8.8 tonnes per year), Germany (9.15 tonnes per year), Japan (9.42 tonnes per year) or Norway (9.43 tonnes per year).

On the other hand, behind Poland in this ranking, there were, among others China (with 7.95 tonnes per year), Belarus (6.8 tonnes per year), France (4.96 tonnes per year), Ukraine (4.47 tonnes per year) and Romania (4.09 tonnes per year).



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