20:23 9 July 2019
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Economist warns of growing indebtedness

Economist warns of growing indebtedness
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“The indebtedness of Poland has already crossed the border of PLN 1 trillion. In the years 2016-18 we took out loans worth PLN 110 billion. On average, PLN 3 billion each month,” Dariusz Filar, an economist and former member of the Monetary Policy Council (RPP), said in an interview with Business Insider Polska. What can this result in?

The problem is serious because, as Filar claims, although the debt to GDP ratio is falling, there is the risk that the Polish economy will stop growing as fast as it is growing now. “Our economy will slow down and the high level of indebtedness will stay. This will have its consequences,” the economist warns.

(Business Insider)

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