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19:12 9 September 2019
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Election promises are bad news for economy

Election promises are bad news for economy
source: MaxPixel

Politicians have lost all brakes, promising gold and green forests, writes Rzeczpospolita daily. On Friday and Saturday, the Civic Coalition (KO) promised a permanent 13th pension, and PiS offered even more by promising to add a 14th pension from 2021. Both groups also promised higher wages and lower taxes and ZUS contributions. However, while the KO has announced a reduction in the burden imposed on wages from today’s average of nearly 50% to 35%, PiS wants to raise salaries mainly through introducing a higher minimum wage.

This is bad news for entrepreneurs who will have to spend more money on salaries for employees. According to experts, in this way, the government wants to raise wages without adding a single zloty. “But this probably means layoffs, paying at least part of the salary under the table and increasing prices of goods and services,” Rzeczpospolita concludes.



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