23:49 25 January 2021
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EP adopts guidelines on use of AI

EP adopts guidelines on use of AI
Source: EP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) must be subject to human control in a way that allows it to be turned off or corrected by humans in the event of unforeseen behavior – stated in the guidelines for the use of AI voted in the European Parliament.

The document proposes the creation of a European legal framework for the use of artificial intelligence, including in the military sector. They should define ethical principles regarding the use of AI solutions that would guarantee that they will be used in the service of humanity and for the common good. The guidelines emphasize the key role of human dignity and human rights, which should be taken into account in all AI applications, with a particular focus on its use in the defense sector.

The guidelines emphasize that the use of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) raises fundamental ethical and legal questions, the consequence of which should be an EU ban on their use. The decision to choose the target of an attack and take lethal action with an autonomous weapon system should always be made by humans in accordance with the principles of proportionality and necessity, the document states.

“In the face of numerous challenges arising from the development of artificial intelligence, we need legal answers. This report aims to provide a framework to remind you that in any field, especially in the military, and in government-managed areas such as justice and health, AI must remain solely a tool to support decision-making or to guide action. However, it can never replace people, nor relieve them of their responsibility,” French MEP Gilles Lebreton, who presented the guidelines to the European Parliament, said.

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