1:18 13 January 2022
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eToro strengthens its commitment to the metaverse

eToro strengthens its commitment to the metaverse
Source: Photo by ZZ Bottom on Flickr

EToro's global investment platform has announced its launch of MetaverseLife, the new metaverse-themed smart wallet offering investors long-term exposure to key projects, both stocks, and crypto-assets, in the metaverse industry.

Metaverse refers to a virtual world where users can navigate as avatars, interact socially and economically with other people. Facebook's rebranding to Meta Platforms and its focus on building this engaging ecosystem is just one example of the huge interest in Metaverse technology around the world. Technology giants bet on the future of digital resources. Microsoft is building a metaverse through its Teams messaging platform called Mesh. Video game publishers such as Roblox, EPIC Games, and more recently Ubisoft, are starting to show interest in this technology and gain an advantage by potentially migrating to Metaverse as they introduce their energy-efficient NFT platform.

“As the ultimate boundary between the real and virtual worlds, the metaverse represents the most likely evolution of the internet in the years to come. The potential may seem endless, but the adaptation isn't necessarily going to be easy, or it won't happen overnight," Dani Brinker, director of investment portfolios at eToro, said.

Still, at an early stage, the industry could become an $800 billion market, according to Bloomberg 


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