16:24 15 April 2019
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EU: amendment of gas directive on Nord Stream 2 finally approved

EU: amendment of gas directive on Nord Stream 2 finally approved

Member states on Monday finally approved the amendment to the gas directive, which concerns the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. It assumes that the sub-sea gas within the EU will be subject to the provisions of the restrictive third energy package.
EU Council’s work on the proposals was stalled for months, due to opposition from several countries, including Germany,  which is involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2. The breakthrough and compromise were achieved at the beginning of February.
Although the amendment has been approved by the European Parliament, some Polish MEPs remained skeptical about the Directive and abstained from voting. Some of them indicated that the draft of the new law was changed so much in the course of legislative work that it may not have a real impact on Nord Stream 2.

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