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European Alcohol Consumption Patterns Remain Strongly Traditional

European Alcohol Consumption Patterns Remain Strongly Traditional
Source: Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash

A recent study highlights that European countries continue to adhere to their traditional alcohol consumption patterns. The study categorizes European countries into distinct groups based on their preferred types of alcoholic beverages and consumption habits.

For example, wine dominates in countries like France, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and Spain, where it is often consumed with meals, and binge drinking is rare. Conversely, countries such as Finland, Iceland, Ireland, and Malta have the highest incidence of binge drinking and overall alcohol consumption.

"Traditional preferences and social norms significantly influence these stable drinking patterns across Europe." Daniela Correia, the lead author from the WHO Regional Office for Europe, explained.

Interestingly, the study notes some shifts over the years. For instance, countries like Sweden have moved from high beer consumption to a more varied alcohol consumption pattern. However, the core traditions remain largely unchanged, underscoring the cultural significance of these drinking habits.

Health impacts associated with these drinking patterns were also examined, revealing that Eastern European countries with high spirits consumption, such as Ukraine and the Baltic states, have the highest health burdens related to alcohol.


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