19:04 28 June 2020
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Fight against air pollution in EU unsuccesful: EC

Fight against air pollution in EU unsuccesful: EC
Source: Pikist

The fight against air pollution in the EU is currently weak. Most Member States will not be able to reduce this indicator and the impact of poor air quality on health by 2030, according to a European Commission report.

The EC presented an assessment of the first programs of Member States' activities in the field of controlling air emissions. The report shows that the implementation of the new European clean air legislation needs improvement. Member States must significantly step up efforts in all sectors to provide citizens with clean air and protection against respiratory diseases and premature death as a result of breathing polluted air.

"The report sends a clear signal. Too many citizens across Europe breathe poor quality air. We need more effective measures to reduce pollution in many Member States and to tackle air emissions in various sectors, including agriculture, transport and energy. The time has come introducing changes: investing in cleaner air means investing in citizens' health, climate and boosting the economy. This is the goal of the European Green Deal and this is what the environment needs,” Virginijus Sinkeviczius, Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Commissioner, said.

According to the Commission report published on Friday assessing the implementation of the directive on national emission reduction commitments, most Member States may not meet their emission reduction commitments for 2020 or 2030.


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