22:46 2 June 2020
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‘Financial stability of companies improving’

‘Financial stability of companies improving’

Return to the pre-pandemic financial condition was declared by 18 percent of enterprises and 5 percent of entrepreneurs are currently planning a reduction in employment compared to 8 percent in mid-May this year, show results from “The fifth wave of the survey on the condition of enterprises” commissioned by the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), a think tank, and the Polish Development Fund (PFR), a state-owned financial group. At the same time, 24 percent of respondents were unable to determine when the financial situation would recover completely, indicating dates longer than a year, and 29 percent of entities expect to rebuild their financial position by the end of 2020.

“Data from subsequent surveys of the enterprise sector confirm that the most difficult moment in the economy was in April, and currently there is a gradual increase in economic activity. The most important is information on the improving financial stability of companies and a small number of enterprises considering layoffs,” Paweł Borys, the head of the management board of PFR, was quoted as saying by the press release published on June 2.

The survey was conducted by the Warsaw-based market researcher IBRiS on May 26-29 among business owners or decision-makers in enterprises about their situation and plans after the outbreak of coronavirus in Poland. The study was conducted by means of computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) on a sample of 406 companies in four size categories and three industry sectors.


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