The warehouse and office buildings of the 1st stage of the Ideal Idea City Park investment have received the occupancy permit. The developer is JDA Investment – a company with capital and personal connections with Ideal Idea Formad (IIF). The construction, divided into two stages, was initiated in March 2019.

The park was erected on the border of Warsaw and Raszyn. Its stage I covered halls H1 and H2. Nine companies found their warehouses and offices. Both halls are 100% commercialized. The total leasable area of ​​warehouse halls in H1 and H2 was close to 9,000 sqm, while the office space in both halls covered over 2,600 sqm.

“As a long-time attentive observer and analyst of the SBU sector in the warehouse and office industry in Poland and in the world, I can say that the commercialization of the 1st stage of City Park has been taking place at a record-fast pace at least in the history of our company, and I think also on a scale country could have been a kind of record. Commercialization of nearly 12,000 sqm in the SBU sector in less than 11 months should be considered a rare and great success,”  Jędrzej Dużyński, the president of IIF, said.

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