The latest available data from the Ministry of Finance (November 2019) shows that the portfolios of foreign investors include treasury bonds worth PLN 158 billion. This is the least since 2011. The share of non-residents in the State Treasury debt in złoty bonds has been falling for the second year in a row. Last year, foreign investors withdrew more than PLN 33 billion from Poland. Meanwhile, in mid-2017 foreign investors had Polish bonds worth PLN 212 billion.

In 2019, the largest sellers of Polish securities came from Asia (PLN 22 billion), North America (PLN 5.1 billion) and European countries that were not members of the euro area (PLN 2.5 billion). The experts from Santander point out that in each subsequent quarter of 2019 already completed, the nominal value of non-resident bonds fell by PLN 15.6 billion, PLN 2.1 billion and PLN 10.5 billion, respectively.

(Business Insider)


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