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23:17 13 April 2021
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Gen Z misses offline life

Gen Z misses offline life
Source: Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

Accenture and Fashion Biznes conducted the second edition of the survey on shopping habits of generation Z, i.e. people born after 1995. It aimed to understand the impact of the recent months on the way of implementing the purchasing processes of the young generation and related spheres of life dominated by digital tools. The most important conclusions are presented in the report ‘How Generation Z buys’.

Generation Z most of all surveyed generations longed for unlimited direct contacts, 46 percent of them believe that learning and remote work negatively affect their well-being and productivity. Half of the representatives of Generation Z use social media at least once a day. For 57 percent of respondents, it is a source of information about promotions. 67 percent of Generation Z and Millennials believe that they can also find experts in their fields of interest and gain knowledge on the Internet and social media. 44 percent of Generation Z plan to limit their use of the Internet and social media because they spend too much time on them. 2/3 of generation Z treats going to a shopping mall as a form of spending time elsewhere (67 percent) or an opportunity to go out with family and friends (66 percent).

This dualism of behavior and the clash between the digital and analog world can affect the way the young generation functions. Businesses should prepare for the post-pandemic world and the coexistence of both digital and physical spaces, which have far more consumer touchpoints than today.

"Digital forms of entertainment are areas to which the activities of clothing and cosmetics brands will be increasingly transferred in the future. They will not only enable interaction with the consumer but most of all they will ensure the possibility of selling physical products as well as their digital versions – one of the popular technologies for the virtual version of the clothes are NFT tokens (Non-Fungible Token – a digital token based on blockchain technology). It is worth emphasizing that each digital point of contact with the customer can be a new point of sale. This is the direction of further evolution of e-commerce," Rafał Reif, Head of Fashion & Retail Poland Accenture, said.


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