22:36 13 February 2020
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Head of Greenpeace competes for PGE president’s chair

Head of Greenpeace competes for PGE president’s chair
Source: Greenpeace Polska

Paweł Szypulski, program director of Greenpeace Polska, will take part in the competition announced at the beginning of February for board members of PGE, a state-owned energy company. He declares moving away from coal to 2030, investing in renewable energy, eliminating obstacles for onshore wind energy and abandoning the nuclear program.
PGE announced the competition (again) at the beginning of February. Szypulski argues that he meets the requirements of the competition.

“We must move away from burning coal, otherwise we will have a climate catastrophe. On a dead planet, there will be no place for PGE, nor any state-owned or private company. The company's current policy has proved extremely ineffective, which was also verified by the market. Over the past year, the company has lost half of its value. PGE's capitalization is currently PLN 11.7 billion and it has decreased by 46 percent y/y,” Szypulski says.

(Business Insider)

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