17:53 3 November 2019
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Heaviest pumpkin in Poland weighs 870 kg - GUS

Heaviest pumpkin in Poland weighs 870 kg - GUS
source: pixabay

The heaviest pumpkin grown this year in Poland weighs 870 kg, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) informed. Pumpkin harvest is coming to an end, but the statistics for this year are not yet available. During last year's season, around 71,000 tons of pumpkins were collected. This was much more than in 2017 with only 45,000 tons of this fruit. GUS data reported that in 2016 the volume of collections amounted to 60,000 tons.

Poland has been exporting and importing more and more pumpkins. In 2016, we sent over 2,000 tons of this fruit abroad. Simultaneously, we brought about 2,700 tons to the country. Pumpkins in Poland are harvested from mid-September until November.



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