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19:32 12 July 2020
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Holidays in mountains twice cheaper than at seaside

Holidays in mountains twice cheaper than at seaside
Source: Pixabay

As much as 80 percent Poles plan to spend their holidays in our country. This does not mean, however, that Poles will be able to save significantly on holidays this year, according to the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) report. Weekly accommodation by the Polish sea is an average expenditure of PLN 2,000-3,000. Meanwhile, holidays in the mountains can be up to half cheaper.

As we read, CBOS research shows that due to a pandemic, only 42 percent of Poles are interested in holiday travel this year, i.e. up to 22 percentage points less than at the beginning of the year. The coronavirus also made Poles want to stay in the country this year. This is confirmed by 80 percent of  respondents.

According to the ZBP report, we will pay an average of 2240 PLN for a week's accommodation in a three-star hotel by the sea for the whole family. It will also be expensive in Masuria.

"The least (about PLN 1,600) will cost us holidays in Kołobrzeg and the most, because as much as over PLN 2,900 holidays in Hel. Expenses can be equally high in Masuria, where rest in Mikołajki, Giżycko or Mragowo will cost an average of PLN 2,250," the report reads.

Meanwhile - as the authors of the report note - the same vacation in the Polish mountains will cost up to two times less - an average weekly overnight stay in the mountains for the whole family is about PLN 1,200.

(Business Insider)


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