20:12 20 July 2021
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Hungarian ambassador about restrictions within her country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

Orsolya Zsuzsanna Kovács, the Hungarian ambassador, told the WBJ about restrictions within her country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

Hungarian ambassador about restrictions within her country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

The pandemic has subsided in many parts of the world. However, considering the variants, among others, Alpha (first reported in the UK) and Delta (India), and their mutations, the threat still remains at large. How severe are the restrictions within your country? 

Special provisions are in place for foreigners entering Hungary. Relevant regulations permit their entry under certain conditions. Non-Hungarian citizens who are traveling to our country from EU member states to perform business or economic activity may also enter without restrictions. Separate provisions pertain to the participants and organizers of sports or cultural events and the employees of affiliated companies. Non-Hungarians arriving for international sports events or cultural events may also enter Hungary without restrictions if they possess a negative PCR test performed within three days prior to entry and a valid ticket for the event in question.

The summer of 2020 was the first Covid summer across the world. At the time, some nations and regions eased travel restrictions. One year on, how open is your country to tourists from Poland and beyond? Do travelers require vaccine passports?

Hungary — though has reached high vaccination levels compared to its population — did not so far decide to generally open its borders to foreigners, including tourists. The majority of internal restrictions have already been lifted, especially for holders of national immunity certificates. Budapest seeks to conclude bilateral agreements with other countries on the reciprocal acceptance of national immunity certificates, thus lifting the restrictions (incl. quarantine, mandatory testing) and allowing tourist flow. Several such agreements have been signed already. Hungary stresses the importance of the non-discriminatory treatment of citizens vaccinated by different vaccines, including those not attested by the EMA.

Many regions are experiencing unprecedented growth spurts as their economies reopen while some others are poised for a post-pandemic boom. What is the growth forecast for your country for Q3 2021? What are the key industries with the most favorable outlook?

Hungary’s economy started its recovery far faster than expected, achieving the highest growth rate in the EU on a quarter-on-quarter basis. In a quarterly comparison, GDP rose at a-seasonal-and-calendar-year-adjusted 1.9 percent in Q1. Here, analysts had forecast growth of 0.3 percent. With that, a double-dip was clearly avoided with Hungary performing much better than the eurozone ( minus 0.6 percent q/q), continuing the catch-up even in the rebound phase of the crisis. On a yearly basis, the volume of GDP was only down by 2.3 percent in Q1.

orsolya zsuzsanna kovács

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