17:00 2 November 2021
Post by: WBJ

In October, consumer sentiment deteriorated in Poland

The GfK Consumer Mood Barometer, i.e. a synthetic indicator illustrating the current mood of Poles in terms of consumer attitudes, amounted to minus 5.9 in October and fell by 1.9 percentage points compared to the previous month.

The study was carried out on October 8-13, 2021, on a quota, representative nationwide sample of n = 1000 people.

The barometer can take values ​​from -100 to +100 and it is the balance between positive and negative opinions. A positive barometer value indicates that in a given survey wave, the number of optimistic consumers outweighs the number of pessimistic consumers. A negative value of the barometer means that the proportion is inverted.

The barometer is an aggregated indicator commissioned by the European Commission, calculated since 1985. Currently, the index covers 27 countries. The data for Poland comes from a GfK study co-financed by the European Commission. 


consumer sentiment
gfk consumer mood barometer

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