21:40 13 January 2020
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Lewiatan: Accumulation of changes in law negatively affects entrepreneurs

Lewiatan: Accumulation of changes in law negatively affects entrepreneurs
source: Pixabay

Entrepreneurs in Poland are most afraid of unpredictability in the regulatory system this year and a large number of changes in regulations, including tax regulations, which negatively affect the mood in the context of the expected economic slowdown, according to the words of Maciej Witucki, the President of the Confederation of Lewiatan.

“Our postulate is to slow down the lawmaking process and create regulations in the dialogue with companies,” Witucki said during a press conference.

According to the Lewiatan Confederation, mismatching employees' competencies to the needs of enterprises will also be a big challenge for employers all the time.

According to Lewiatan experts, 2020 is a bookcase of the negative impact of politicians on enterprises: the abrupt increase in the minimum wage and other burdens leads to significant modifications of the cost accounting, reduces profit space, and thus changes business models.


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