19:37 27 May 2020
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Medical center for PLN 100 mln to be constructed

Medical center for PLN 100 mln to be constructed
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Telemedicine, thanks to the remote contact between medical staff and the patient, helps reduce the risk of spreading epidemics such as SARS-CoV-2. In addition to artificial intelligence or data analysis, it is one of the leading technological trends in health care. Also in these areas, the Silesian Center for Engineering Support for Medicine and Sport will focus its activities, which construction has just started in Zabrze. It is a joint investment celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology and Philips. By combining the intellectual potential and experience of both parties, the project will contribute to the development of innovative technologies in the field of telemedicine, e-health and remote diagnostics.

“Innovations in medicine, especially those related to telemedicine and e-health, are a great opportunity for overloaded healthcare. Due to the aging society, the limited number of medical staff and places in hospitals, it is necessary to introduce new solutions that will improve the treatment process,” Reinier Schlatmann, the president of Philips in Central and Eastern European countries, said.

He emphasized  that today's epidemic situation further highlights the benefits of using new medical technologies, although without it development in this area has progressed from year to year. Currently, however, it has gained much dynamics. Telemedicine is now one of the innovations with the greatest development potential. In addition to artificial intelligence, data analysis, computational oncology and personalized medicine, it is a leading trend in health care. 

The investment under construction on the campus of the Silesian University of Technology in Zabrze is worth almost PLN 100 million. As part of the future activities of the center, work will be carried out on the development of innovative research and production technologies, as well as on strengthening the research potential in the field of biomedical engineering. Innovations will focus on research on artificial intelligence, telemedicine and clinical informatics.


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