Poles' dislike of European structures is growing, according to the latest SW Research survey conducted for Rzeczpospolita daily. Almost 17 percent of those questioned believe that our country should leave the European Union.

In the Kantar survey for TVN and TVN24 from last November, 8 percent of respondents declared their will to leave the European Union, and in the IBRiS survey conducted at the request of Rzeczpospolita, 11 percent of subjects were in favor of polexit. However, in the IPSOS survey for OKO.press conducted a month later, Poland's exit from the EU was postulated by 7 percent of asked.

The respondents over 50 and those with higher education would not like Polexit the most. Also, 70 percent of people earning between PLN 2,100-3,000 want to stay in European structures. On the other hand, supporters of Poland's exit from the EU are more often men (22 percent vs. 12 percent of women) and the same percentage (22 percent) of inhabitants of the smallest towns (up to 20,000).

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reassures, however, that there is no risk of polexit.


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