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18:59 2 December 2019
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MVGM finalizes transaction with JLL

MVGM finalizes transaction with JLL
source: MaxPixels

MVGM, a Dutch player on the property management market, officially closes the process of taking over property management business from JLL in Poland. The contract has also been finalized today in Portugal and Spain. This is an echo of the transaction announced in July, which concerned 10 European countries, and which is the beginning of the strategic partnership between MVGM and JLL. It adds 12 million sqm of the managed space to the MVGM portfolio and gives the company the opportunity to cooperate with prestigious international clients, including leading investors on the commercial real estate market.
“Our team in Poland consists of 120 experts specialized in property management who manage a portfolio of over 1.4 million sqm of surface. The transition to MVGM is a step towards even greater specialization. This means that we are becoming part of a business focused on real estate management and give us access to innovative digital tools. In turn, our clients will be able to cooperate with a leading European player in the property management market,” Virginie de Baere, Managing Director of MVGM in Poland, said.
As a result of the transaction with JLL, MVGM significantly increases its presence in Europe – the company enters eight new countries while expanding its teams in the Netherlands and Germany. In recent weeks, MVGM has finalized the contract on the Dutch and German markets, as well as in Romania, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Slovakia. As a result, the company is now number 1 in the Netherlands and gets to the top five largest European players in the field of property management.

virginie de baere

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