21:49 16 May 2022
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National Reconstruction Plan agreed with Brussels

National Reconstruction Plan agreed with Brussels
Source: EC

The draft National Reconstruction Plan has been submitted to the European Commission for final approval. Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller said the formality and the plan itself will be approved in the coming days. Disbursements are expected to take place in the second half of the year. It is about PLN 770 billion of aid for Poland.

The Polish railroad is painfully affected by the conflict with the EU, which prevents the adoption of the National Reconstruction Plan and the approval of new operational programs for the financial perspective 2021-2027. As a result, €4.7 billion have already passed under Poland's nose. The money should be in Poland's account by the end of 2021 at the latest.

We could really use billions from the National Reconstruction Plan, but the European Commission has suspended their payment until we put in order the changes in the judiciary that were questioned by Brussels. The case has been dragging on for months, but it has now emerged that negotiations are nearing their conclusion.

European Commission spokeswoman Veerle Nuyts said the plan must contribute to effectively addressing all or a significant part of the challenges identified in the country-specific recommendations.

"In the case of Poland, this includes the independence of the judiciary. For this reason, as the EC chairwoman has repeatedly explained, the Polish plan must include commitments to abolish the Disciplinary Chamber, reform the disciplinary system, reinstate judges dismissed illegally," Veerle Nuyts said.


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