17:35 12 November 2019
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NBP warns of deterioration in public finances

NBP warns of deterioration in public finances
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In 2019, a deterioration in the results of the public finance sector can be expected, the NBP wrote in the Inflation Report.

“The reduction of this result will be affected by the implementation of the fiscal package (a total of 1.1 percent of GDP in 2019), presented by the government in February 2019. In addition to the thirteenth pension, the elements of this package include the extension of the ‘Family 500 plus’ program to the first child and reduction of the PIT tax29. The sector's result will also be reduced by changes aimed at counteracting increases in electricity prices for its customers (0.4 percent of GDP),” it was written.

The NBP estimates that the current situation of public finances remains very good. 


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