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22:44 28 July 2021
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Nearly half of Poles considered changing their employer within last year

Nearly half of Poles considered changing their employer within last year
Source: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Over the past year, 49 percent of Poles considered changing employers, and 21 percent of respondents' salaries were cut due to the pandemic, according to the ADP study.

Compared to Europe, Polish workers are strong supporters of change (Poland: 49 percent vs the European average: 44 percent). Women (54 percent) think about a new job more often than men (50 percent). According to the ADP report, Poles are not attached to their place of employment. Every fourth respondent (26 percent) admits that they intend to stay in the current company in the next 2-5 years.

“Despite the pandemic, we are still dealing with the employee market in Poland. Record-low unemployment makes jobseekers choose companies where they have a better chance for development, as well as a higher salary. However, there are trends among employees around the world related to a lack of attachment to their current workplace. Interestingly, according to data from Deloitte, young people more and more often want to develop their careers, but not at the expense of family or friendship. For this reason, HR departments, in order to retain young talents, must look for the golden mean between the possibilities of competency development and the balance between career and private life,” Anna Barbachowska, HR Business Partner at ADP Polska, said.

One of the most common challenges faced by workers during the pandemic was the reduction in wages (21 percent). 13 percent of them admit that the employer reduced the number of working hours provided or reduced their scope of duties. The situation is similar among household members of respondents, where 15 percent share the opinion that the pandemic had an impact on lowering their wages.


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