Beta ETF fund on the WIG20lev index, which is a derivative index to WIG20 debuted on WSE. Its values ​​depend on the value of the WIG20 index, which means it follows its direction, but the value changes are twice as large.

This is the seventh ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) listed on the WSE, the fourth from the Beta ETF family and the first debut of this type in 2020. The fund was issued by AgioFunds TFI.

“Passive investing enjoys a great interest in foreign markets. The development of the passive funds market is one of the elements of the # GPW2022 development strategy and the Capital Market Development Strategy, which shows best that the topic is very important for all its participants,”  Izabela Olszewska, Member of the Board of the WSE, said

Closed-end portfolio investment fund certificates, i.e. within the meaning of the Exchange Regulations, ETF fund shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on the same basis as shares, in particular, they can be freely bought and sold, and their liquidity is supported by a market maker (brokerage house).


beta etf
izabela olszewska

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