23:02 27 January 2021
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On future of Lithuania

Top diplomats in Warsaw told the WBJ about the future from their countries’ perspective in the coronavirus era. What is the opinion of Eduardas Borisovas, Lithuanian ambassador?

On future of Lithuania
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How high are your country’s hopes for 2021 in light of the vaccine announcement/s?

It’s expected that in 2021, our economy will grow by 3 percent. We hope that next year the epidemiological situation will be much better and there will be no need for restrictions that were introduced in Lithuania this year. The news that vaccines could be available soon, allows every country to make much bolder economic decisions raising hopes that all challenges could be left in the past. However, we need to be cautious. The middle of 2020 has shown everything can turn upside down at any minute. We need to be prepared for all possible surprises prepared by our new “enemy.”

What does a Biden-Harris presidency mean for your country’s ties with the US?

Washington will remain our strategic partner and ally. We count on their attention, presence, and contribution to our security. We are interested in a proactive and solid transatlantic cooperation of the EU and new US administration on the basis of common values, interests, and mutual trust. It is of key importance for both to undertake fresh efforts to reinvigorate mutual relationship and further strengthen the bond while recognizing that in the area of security and defense, the US’s role remains key. We expect re-engagement of the US on climate issues, trade agenda, and a more coordinated approach to global challenges like the pandemic.

How are Christmas and NYE celebrations in your country going to be different this year?

There are plenty of unique Christmas traditions that every Lithuanian can relate to, e.g. on Christmas Eve every dinner table in Lithuania is stacked with at least 12 different dishes. According to our old pagan tradition, on Christmas Eve, animals talk and dead ancestors are present at the table. Christmas Eve is a night of contemplation. Festivities erupt only on Christmas Day. During these holidays many Lithuanians come home to meet their families to celebrate. It’s still unclear whether quarantine will be in place during this period and whether an opportunity to meet our loved ones would be the biggest gift.

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