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23:34 24 January 2021
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Pandemic not harming programmers in labor market

Pandemic not harming programmers in labor market
Source: Piotr Nowosielski from Just Join IT

A programmer's salary is on average over two times higher than the average monthly salary in Poland last year. According to the latest report prepared by Just Join IT, the results of which were published by, the average salary under an employment contract is PLN 12,017. On the other hand, a programmer employed on B2B can expect an average of PLN 11,088 per month. It should be emphasized, however, that the report includes the gross amount for employment contracts, while for B2B the net amount. In fact, those employed in the latter form earn more money.

Of course, the length of service affects the salary. In the case of the IT industry, with experience, the salary can increase almost threefold. As revealed by the Just Join IT report, a junior employed under a contract of employment earns an average of PLN 6,945, while a senior's account receives PLN 16,719 per month.

In the case of B2B contracts, which dominate the IT industry, the amount decreases slightly, for junior to PLN 6,100, and for senior – PLN 16,069. Salaries of the so-called mid both employment relationships and freelancers amount to over PLN 11,000 (PLN 12,387 under an employment contract, PLN 11,096 for B2B).

“The salaries offered in the offers on Just Join IT show a relative stabilization in the industry. On average, at the beginning of last year, the senior could count on the rate of PLN 16,115, and he ended it with the amount of PLN 16,540 for B2B. At the same time, in 2020, we saw an increased demand for the employment of programmers. The number of published job advertisements has more than doubled on our job portal and has significantly exceeded 20,000,” Piotr Nowosielski from Just Join IT, said.


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