23:45 25 January 2021
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'Poland can represent the US position in the EU': Molly Montgomery

'Poland can represent the US position in the EU': Molly Montgomery
Source: Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

Molly Montgomery will become US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Last year, she expressed the view that Poland could become an intermediary between Washington and Brussels… if it could only reverse the negative trend in the rule of law and democracy.

“After Brexit, Poland could play an important role as the representative of the US position in Brussels, if it only healed its democracy. Strong, positive relations with Warsaw are in Washington's interest,” new Joe Biden’s administration member said.

Until the situation changes, however, Molly Montgomery rules out such a scenario. In her opinion, Donald Trump should not have supported a leader who "hates the LGBTQ community, contributes to limiting media freedom and paralyzing the judiciary." She believes that the new American president cannot accept "weakening the state of his close ally from within."

On January 22, Mark Rutte, the head of the Dutch government, expressed his ambitions to take over the role of the British intermediary in relations between the US and the EU after Brexit.

"Following the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, the Netherlands would like to play a special role in relations with America and become the US gateway to Europe, not only literally but also politically. We are a much smaller country than the UK, but mentally we are the most transatlantic country in Europe and the Americans see it too," Rutte said.


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