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21:04 14 September 2020
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Poland distrustful of Chinese investments

Poland distrustful of Chinese investments
Source: Pikist

Despite the fact that Poland has tightened economic ties with China in recent years, it has not brought it much benefit. In addition, Poland treats China not only as a trade partner, but also as a rival. There is also no long-term cooperation strategy with Beijing.

The economic relations between Poland and China bring more benefits to the latter. This is due to the fact that Poland has limited access to the Chinese market. It is probably this disproportion that makes Polish decision-makers and specialists  the strongest support in Europe for limiting China's investments in our continent.

Poland is the only country surveyed where there is strong support for restrictions on all Chinese investments (and not only those in strategic sectors), according to the data quoted in the report of the pan-European think tank, the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

Our relations with China are also complicated by other factors. Poland has to maneuver between the economic benefits of cooperation with the rapidly developing and innovative Chinese market and the diplomatic pressure coming from the US and the EU. However, relations with the EU and the United States are definitely more important to Poland than those with China. As a result, Poland seeks to tighten economic ties with China, while at the same time trying to maintain maximum independence.



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