21:46 7 July 2020
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Poland gets among EU leaders in offshore wind energy

Poland gets among EU leaders in offshore wind energy
Source: Pxfuel

The deputy head of the European Commission responsible for the European Green Order, Frans Timmermans, said yesterday that Poland could become one of the EU leaders in offshore wind energy. On the other hand, Polish climate minister Michał Kurtyka presented the conditions under which our country will be able to carry out the energy transformation. Poland is to be the largest beneficiary of EU funds from the Just Transformation Fund due to the large area and high degree of dependence on coal in the energy mix.

The EC proposed more than fivefold increase in funds for the Just Transformation Fund compared to the January proposal: from €7.5 to €40 billion. Timmermans pointed out that thanks to these funds, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania can benefit primarily.

"Poland is on the right path to becoming one of the European leaders in the development of offshore wind energy," said the deputy head of the EC during Monday's video conference. "I also know that many communities in Poland are interested in investing in solar energy," he added.

Timmermans also pointed out that Poland is thinking not only about wind and solar energy, but Polish companies that have traditionally been present in the fossil fuel sector are currently preparing hydrogen projects. He also admitted that he also saw "huge potential in Poland when it comes to biogas".


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