23:00 3 December 2020
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Poland spends too little on health care

Poland spends too little on health care
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According to data for 2018 – the latest available – Poland is one of the least spending countries on the health care system in the EU. This is so both in relation to GDP and per capita. In the case of the first statistics, we occupy 24th place out of 27 EU member states.

We allocate the equivalent of 6.3 percent of GDP to health care and we are better than Latvia, Romania, and Luxembourg in this respect. The top of the list is Germany (spending around 11.5 percent of GDP), France (11.3 percent of GDP), and Sweden (10.9 percent of GDP). The average for the entire European Union is 9.9 percent.

It is even worse in the case of per capita expenditure. In this respect, Poland is 25 out of 27 EU countries. Expenditure on health care per one Pole is €830, so as much as €32 less than in Croatia, and more than only in Bulgaria (€587) and Romania (€584). The EU average is over 3.5 times higher and amounts to €2,982.


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