12:19 18 September 2022
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Poland with Ig Nobel Prize in medicine

Poland with Ig Nobel Prize in medicine
Source: Ig Noble

Ice cream helps relieve the effects of chemotherapy – this is the conclusion reached by nine Polish researchers. And for this, they were awarded by Harvard the so-called anti-Nobel in medicine. Other winners from around the world, also have something to boast about. They have studied, among other things, constipation in scorpions, enemas in the Maya, the beating of lovers' hearts, or the secrets of "using your fingers to turn a knob."

While the prizes are meant to make people laugh, it's all about popularizing science. And the discovery of Poles can help many patients.

Ig Nobels are the humorous equivalent of the Nobel Prizes. They are awarded for scientific papers that "first make you laugh and then make you think" and for discoveries that "cannot or should not be repeated." The awards are given by the journal Annals of Improbable Research, under the direction of Marc Abrahams of Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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