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13:20 4 October 2022
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Poles save on education as inflation puts pressure

Poles save on education as inflation puts pressure
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Rising inflation hit students' pockets. Some are forced to quit their studies, others choose smaller local universities to save on rent and travel, or plan to combine work with studies. The Rector of the Krakow University of Economics Stanisław Mazur said some students have recently admitted that they cannot afford accommodation in Krakow because of high rental prices. “We hear signals from students that they have to quit their studies for economic reasons. So far, the scale of the phenomenon is unrecognized,” he said. 

Prof. Waldemar Tłokiński, President of the Conference of Rectors of Public Vocational Schools, said that the number of master's students has decreased. They already have a degree and a less determined to continue their studies, considering the loan installments have doubled, Tłokiński explained. People who were only planning to start university studies are also resigning due to financial difficulties, he added.


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