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22:11 19 November 2020
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Poles sent abroad 30% more shipments this year

Poles sent abroad 30% more shipments this year
Arkadiusz Stasiak, source: Newseria

Before Christmas, the number of parcels sent to European Union countries increases by up to 50 percent against other months. DHL Parcel forecasts that this year – due to the pandemic and related restrictions – this growth will be much higher, and the results so far show that the market is 30 percent bigger than last year. Along with the rapid development of e-commerce, Polish consumers are more and more willing to buy in foreign e-stores. Still, the potential of the EU market is not fully used by domestic companies. Only a few percent of e-commerce companies sell abroad – and it is this group that benefited the most during the spring lockdown. The offers of logistics companies are to encourage them to foreign expansion.

"This year, the movement of international shipments will increase by over 30 percent. Already during the first wave of the pandemic, we noticed a twofold increase in the dynamics of the movement of international shipments. This shows that this sector of the economy is doing quite well in the pandemic," Arkadiusz Stasiak, DHL Parcel Regional Sales Director, stressed.

As shown by Gemius data, already 73 percent of Internet users n Poland is shopping online, i.e. by 11 percentage points more than a year ago. Such a large increase is the result of a pandemic and restrictions in economic and social life, which prompted many people to buy online. Importantly, in Poland, almost 1/3 of online buyers also use foreign e-commerce websites. Compared to the previous year, this value increased by 4 percentage points (from 26 to 30 percent today).


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