19:51 19 September 2019
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Polish coffins conquer foreign markets

Polish coffins conquer foreign markets
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Polish coffins are more and more popular in funeral markets abroad. As many as two out of three Germans are buried in a casket made in Poland. The reason is simple: the growing number of deaths of people born during the great post-war baby boom.
“There is a similar trend all over Europe. We analyzed mortality forecasts a decade ago and prepared ourselves by making the right investments,” Zbigniew Lindner, founder and president of Lindner, said.

The company is currently the largest coffin producer in Poland and – as he claims – also in Europe, producing over 17,000 coffins monthly. Only slightly more than 1,000 of them stay in the country, the vast majority go abroad with Germany being the main export destination. It’s a huge market, every year 850,000-900,000 people die there. Due to the growing popularity of cremation, the company is looking for new niches – one of them may be Muslim coffins.

(Puls Biznesu)

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