There will be no meeting of government representatives with the Venice Commission, according to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jacek Czaputowicz. He also admitted that the Venice Commission had requested such a meeting.
“The Venice Commission responds to questions and requests for the opinion of states, and who can formulate such requests in accordance with the Polish constitution? The Polish government did not ask for such an opinion,” Czaputowicz emphasized.
The delegation of the Venice Commission, composed of experts from Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden, and Germany, is on Thursday and Friday in Warsaw in talks in connection with the work on the preparation of an opinion on the amendment of court laws, which introduces, among others disciplinary liability of judges for acts or omissions that may prevent or significantly impede the functioning of the judiciary, for actions that question the effectiveness of the appointment of a judge, and for "public activities incompatible with the principles of the independence of the courts and the independence of judges".
The Venice Commission is the advisory body of the Council of Europe, its opinions are not binding.

jacek czaputowicz
venice commission

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