10:12 13 March 2019
Post by: WBJ

President Duda: there is no doubt that Russia is trying to antagonize allies

Through information and intelligence activities, Russia is trying - often successfully - to antagonize allies, President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday in Prague. When asked about the statement of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that President Vladimir Putin is trying to divide NATO and European democracies, Duda replied that it was obvious to him that “such actions are carried out on the Russian side”. “Nobody has doubts about it,” he added.
As he said, the attempts of Russian planes to violate the airspace of other countries “constitute a provocation and are a kind of security test - whether we will react or not.” The President of Poland continued that if we stop reacting, then tomorrow we will have Russian planes over Prague, over Warsaw, the day after tomorrow perhaps in the sky over Berlin.

andrzej duda
wladimir putin

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