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22:55 17 April 2024
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Prime Minister Donald Tusk Advocates Sky Security Measures

Prime Minister Donald Tusk Advocates Sky Security Measures
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Prime Minister Donald Tusk emphasizes the importance of controlling airspace for security post-war conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Tusk highlights Israel's success in intercepting over 90% of aerial threats with the Iron Dome system, contrasting with Ukraine's 30% interception rate.

Tusk advocates for Poland's integration into Europe's anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense efforts, citing discussions with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. He expresses Poland's interest in participating in the "Iron Dome" project, emphasizing the urgency in fortifying Poland's sky to ensure safety akin to Israel's.

While President Andrzej Duda acknowledges Poland's existing air defense infrastructure, he notes Germany's proposal for a European "iron dome" and asserts Poland's focus on its own collaborative defense initiatives with the US and UK.


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